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'Accounting and Finance' (A&F) is the open access journal, that is indexed in international directories and scientometric databases.

Before the 2013, the journal was published, entitled ‘Accounting and Finance of Agro Industrial Complex’. In 2012, the journal changed his title. This event has started a new stage of development of the journal, so new website, that you can look now, was created. Previous issues of the journal you can find on our old website.

The journal's editorial staff has been awarded a Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

  • Reception of Papers for Publication

    Dear authors,
    The reception of papers for publication in the third (eighty-first) issue of A&F Journal are continued. Publication of the papers by foreign authors is free under certain conditions (see the Waiver Policy of the Journal). The third (eighty-first) issue of A&F Journal will be published in October 2018.

    Prior to submitting we recommend reviewing the Guidelines for Authors and Editorial Policies.

  • A&F Journal's h-index

    The level of citation of papers published in A&F Journal, can be viewed in the Google Scholar. The journal has its own public bibliometric profile. Among the Ukrainian professional periodicals A&F Journal ranks 15th in terms of citation.

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