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Waiver Policy & Article Processing Charge (APC)

Institute of Accounting and Finance publishes Oblìk ì fìnansi in full open access under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. This allows the scientific community and the general public to gain unlimited, free and immediate access to scholarly articles, and to reuse the content freely provided that proper attribution is given to the original authors. So, no payment is collected from the readers for accessing and using the articles.

To cover the cost for providing our high-quality publishing service and free access to readers, authors pay a one-time article processing charge (APC) for manuscripts accepted after peer-review. There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures or supplementary data. 

APCs cover the following:

The editorial procedure, including administration related to peer review, author revisions, and final decision-making. Institute of Accounting and Finance employs in-house staff to manage the majority of this process, leaving editorial board members to make key scientific decisions and allowing them to concentrate on their research. To demonstrate its appreciation of the important work done by reviewers and editorial board members, Institute of Accounting and Finance provides them with APC discounts and waivers. APCs also cover for the administrative work done for rejected articles. In 2020, rejection rate across Oblìk ì fìnansi was 20% (in 2019 - 18%, in 2018 - 12%).

Article production: professional language editing, type-setting, formatting, and production in PDF, XML and HTML formats.

Provision of a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for each article.

Article hosting and dissemination: website maintenance, contact with indexing databases.

Journal administration: including managing the journal website and editorial board, and promotion of the journal among the research community.

APC & Waiver Policy

APC for the Oblìk ì fìnansi is 50 USD / per article. This charge includes all costs of the review process, systems, typesetting, publication and long-term archiving.

Please note that the authors will be requested for APC only if the article is accepted for publication. Instructions for payment are sent during the publication process.

The APC payable for an article is agreed as part of the manuscript submission process. The agreed charge will not change, regardless of any change to the journal’s APC. Upon editorial acceptance of an article, the corresponding author will be notified that payment is due. Payment can be made by invoice or by any of the following International money transfer systems: Western Union, MoneyGrаm, MEEST or others, that function in your country and Ukraine too. Some payment methods (as PayPal, WebMoney) can't be used for APC payments.

Institute of Accounting and Finance aims to encourage and enable authors from all countries to share their scientific knowledge with others and learn from the scientific knowledge of others. In this regard, individual waiver requests from authors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The amount of discount will depend on factors such as country of origin, position of the author in the institute and quality and originality of the work. To apply for a waiver contact the Editorial Office of the journal using the 'Contact Us' giving your name, address, institution, title of the article, a short summary of the work and reason for requesting a waiver.